Meet Danton ‘Doc’ Arlotto


Danton ‘The Doc’ Arlotto is an award-winning pianist, composer, and teacher who has been featured in every performance venue known. Danton earned his Master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2017. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Music Theory and Composition and in Music Performance, with a focus in Keyboard, also from West Chester University.

Danton has been a highly active musician since the age of 7. He has experience in virtually every aspect of music-making, whether it is performing on stage for small and large audiences, playing solo and in a band, or doing transcriptions with unparalleled accuracy. Danton’s strong work ethic, friendly demeanor, and positive attitude are among his most beloved traits.

“Composing and performing go hand in hand, and I feel that a varied skill set in applied music is invaluable. Coming from a diverse background of piano playing in the classical world, guitar playing and singing in the rock/pop world, and brass playing in the marching band world, I consider myself to be an adept jack-of-all-trades. From the religious realm of church music and weddings, to improvising jazz piano at bars and cocktail parties, to managing my own private studio, I love what I do, which is a bit of everything!”

Danton has basic experience in virtually every instrument. He is able to work with students of any level (beginner-through-advanced) on piano, guitar, and voice. He can also work with beginning students on: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba, harp, percussion, violin/viola, cello, and bass. Danton’s experience teaching and learning these instruments is exhaustive, given his high school pursuits and his time studying at West Chester University. He is qualified to teach any student on any instrument, as he is a PA-state-certified K-12 music educator.

“As a music educator, I prioritize opening the minds of children anywhere I teach; education comes first for me, more so than music. Enticing students to expand their horizons and enlightening them to see the good in everything to which they are exposed are the focus of my teaching. I encourage each individual student to think critically and analyze all they are given, to develop a strong work ethic, and to use creative thinking to enhance their own potential.”